Oh hey, it’s day 1!

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January 13, 2014 by ambredoodle


OH HAI! It’s day 1, who else is excited as hell? I’m going to post my week meal plan and some links to recipes I already made for the week or will be making this week at a later time today. For now I just want to write YAY and get ready for me to be updating daily with my food log and usually a picture, it’s my way of keeping track and keeping myself accountable. I will be totally honest on here and hopefully you guys can keep me accountable when I’m feeling screwy. I’m going to be real, not looking forward to ditching the smokes. Yes I am a terrible person, yes I like to smoke cigarettes, I know I suck. Oh well, soon enough they will be a thing of the past. So I’ve already had breakfast and I’m looking to fix this site up a little, finish preparing some more foods for the rest of the week, and then get myself together for the evening at work and the gym. What do you think is your most helpful tool for the whole30 or paleo eating? Being prepared is definitely the key for me. Hopefully I’m prepared enough this time…

Talk soon!



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