Day 3

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January 15, 2014 by ambredoodle

Breakfast: two eggs scrambled with mushrooms and sausage, and some leftover broccoli. Lunch: salmon and garlic greens. Dinner : leftover cinnamon chili pork with roasted butternut squash and grape tomatoes in olive oil and balsamic

So today was a stressful one for me. I managed to screw up my knee somehow in the past day or so, so I skipped the gym tonight for fear of screwing my problem knee up more. I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be gross because usually about four days in I start to get that crappy detox fairly hard. Hoping for the best but planning for the worst. I’m stocked with my emergency food – aka things that I can eat that make it easier to get through the crappy period when you feel kind of like dying and don’t want to eat because you’re totally detoxing from junk- which for me are buffalo chicken salad and slow cooker spare ribs.

Today while kidlet napped I was able to prep a couple more things for the week. I browned up some ground beef with TJ’s 21 seasoning salute, tossed my favorite spare ribs in the crock pot , and put some turkey tenderloin into a marinade to make when I got out of work.
Unfortunately some stupid glitch in my kitchen made a circuit blow on the crock pot and when I got home my spare ribs were as cold as when I put them in. FUCK! I hate it when stupid things like that happen and even more I HATE wasting food!
On a fuse that’s never ever blown before, too, shitty!

Anyway, now I’m semi prepped up for a couple of possibly turdy days. I’m super tired now and need to get some rest. I’m hoping that my knee will feel better tomorrow and it will be a better day all around.

Sending out love to my Bedussey today, because I hate not being able to see you on scheduled gym days and because some days you just need a little shout out love. ❤

Talk soon!


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