First Four Days [ng]

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January 16, 2014 by niikkolio

Wowee! This has been quite the experience so far.  On Monday morning I took a picture of myself in skivvies and sports bra and took note of the scary number on the scale.  I wanted to do this for detoxification, implementation of better self-discipline and weight loss.  I’m graduating in May (yay!) and don’t want 1) to look like the Michelin Man in pictures and 2) to start my post-college life in college freshman nutrition mode.  I’m glad Aly asked me to do this with you guys because I think its definitely the most effective way to get where I want to be.


With that being said, I start classes this week and will likely be in over my head before I know it.  That means that I’m making this as functional as I need it in order to succeed.  I know that smoothies are frowned upon, but I have been utilizing their convenience as a means to replace a bacon, egg and cheese from Dunks.  Almost every morning thus far I’ve had a smoothie with eggs and either sausage or ham.  It works great because I can eat the protein at home, and drink the smoothie for an hour at work before we open the doors.  I’m trying to be very aware of the amount of (fruit) sugar going into each batch, but haven’t noticed any sweet cravings, mood swings or changes in energy level that could be attributed to drinking the smoothies.  Plus, I’m having a blast trying different concoctions.


Lunch has been a lot of salads with grilled chicken or mini bell peppers with guacamole and grilled chicken. Dinners have been sweet potatoes, beef patties, chicken sausage with peppers and onions… nothing too crazy. Yet…


I need to start monitoring my water intake.  I’m not getting nearly enough.  Maybe 60-80 ounces per day at most.  I also need to start planning farther ahead, especially when classes start.  I’m meeting one of my new mentors for lunch tomorrow… I ‘warned’ her that I was eating Paleo right now so she let me pick the place 🙂  Here’s to hoping I don’t cry over homemade mac&cheese afterwards on the way home (only kind of kidding).


This weekend I’m going to try my hand at some homemade condiments, Larabar-type snacks, and a better planning method.  Also need to will get to the gym.




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