Week 1 Meals

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Here’s my meal plan for this first week. I like to make my meal plans ahead of time, pick four or five different big things I’m making this week, and then attempt to follow the times if I can. I find myself frequently planning too many meals and having so much leftovers that my last planned meal often carries over into the next week, which I feel like gives me a head start and helps on the lazy weekend days.

Just figured I’d post this as an example  in case it gives you any ideas or motivation. I’ll update with which recipes I like the most and which kind of suck. Here’s a rough draft of me week 1 meal plan.

Typical breakfast for me: 2-3 eggs, compliant sausage or protein of some kind, and heaps of veggies

^ This can be anything from an egg scramble with mushrooms, onions, peppers, and sausage, to something like two eggs over easy with a leftover meat from the night before and 2 cups of whatever frozen veggies I have. As long as you’re getting the right nutrients in your body that’s what matters. I usually omit breakfast from my meal plans because I am on a pretty good streak of knowing what I enjoy for breakfast and I like to change things up at breakfast with leftovers.

I also usually have at least one cup of coffee in the morning with some refrigerated coconut milk as creamer. It’s crucially important to get enough good fats and water, so I always force myself to drink a cup of water, usually with some lemon squeezed into it, before I have my coffee, too.

*There are ‘whole30’ creamers you can attempt to make with dates and coconut milk or whatnot, however I choose not to use them because it just  adds to your sugar cravings and will not help you kill the sugar dragon if that’s on your goal list*

Lunches around here usually consist of: leftover protein and veggies from the nights prior, humongous salads that can be eaten for a couple of days,  salads with a can of tuna in olive oil on them,  compliant sausages with sauerkraut and veggies,  pan-fried eggs with greens, etc. I do a lot of leftovers for lunch or change-up ingredients that I have left and throw them all together to cook again.

I try to prep a lot of veggies, roasted and steam sautéed mostly, at the beginning of the week so that I can grab them and reheat them when my protein is done cooking on any given night. This week I prepped: roasted butternut squash, a large sweet potato, and 2 summer squashes. I also buy frozen veggies by the crapload, especially this time of year when nothing is fresh in this area.

Monday:  Cinnamon and Chili Pork Tenderloin with apple salsa  with roasted butternut squash and broccoli **This recipe is to die for. We almost exclusively make our pork tenderloin with a cinnamon chili rub now since trying this last year.

Tuesday: Baked salmon with lemon and dill, sautéed greens (if you don’t know how to make quick sautéed greens you should learn here. Quick, so easy, tasty, and super packed with goodness!) and summer squash

Wednesday: Slow cooker buffalo chicken wings with carrots, celery, side salad and homemade ranch dressing to dip

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday: Chili topped with fresh onion, avocado, and sliced olives, YUM! – I love to make a huge pot of chili and freeze some. Mel at the Clothes Make the Girl has this awesome recipe that is to die for. I feel like this chili is great because you can use it on anything, even other meals throughout the weekend. I love it on Meatza!

SaturdayRoasted Pork Shoulder ( I make at least one of these a week to eat all week, so many easy recipes for crock pot and they go a long way), broccoli, side salad. This is usually the day I do my prep for the next week as well because of my schedule.

Sunday: Leftovers – which I usually have plenty of.

I hope this helps and maybe gives you some ideas. I’m going to try to create a recipe archive of things I have tried and are easy and I love that we can have a good amount of resources.

I’m brainstorming for next weeks meal plan already. One thing I like about being whole30 is that I feel there is never a shortage of recipes that I’m dying to try. Any ideas for things I should try out next week? What have you tried that your like?

au revoir for now



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